Running For Fitness and Weight Loss

Running is the most popular form of exercise activity. It is cost friendly and has more advantages than using complicated and expensive gym equipment..A runner who regularly sprint surely knows the effectiveness of running for fitness and weight loss.

3 Ways of Running

There are three ways to run, namely, jogging, distance running and speed running.Jogging

  • Jogging. Jogging is running at a slow pace. It is the most widely practiced form of running since it is the easiest to do regularly and preferred by those who don’t enjoy distance running or speed running. A person jogging at a pace of say, 10kph at least once or twice a week can still gain physical benefits. Those who jog regularly find it revitalizing.
  • Distance running. Distance running, on the other hand, is done at a faster pace and over a greater distance of about 8 km or more. And this form of running is good for all ages. Even senior citizens who cannot run any faster but still have the stamina to run longer can enjoy this form of running. It helps improve their cardiovascular health.
  • Speed running. As the name implies, this form of running develops the fast twitch of muscle which produce bursts of energy, hence increasing physical power and muscular endurance. This form of running is very effective in casting off unwanted weight and fats.

How To Run Right

Stretching Before RunningAlthough running is the easiest and safest form of exercise, it also carries dangers if not done right.

The best way to start is by warming up to avoid a sprained ankle or pushed muscle. It is to prepare the body for intense movement ahead. Examples of warm up activity before every run are dynamic stretching like lunging, trunk rotation and jogging.

When adding mileage, it would be best to cool down afterwards to avoid skin splints, tendinitis and stress fractures. Recovery time and light exercises after speed running are very crucial to obtain better health benefits.

Running For Weight Loss

Running is an effective way to manage and lose weight. It makes the body burn calories and speed up metabolism.

Plan your weight loss goals and achieve them by running. Start slowly. Then gradually pick up the pace. The amount of calories you burn will depend on how fast and how long you run. If done regularly, your body will get in shape naturally.

Health Benefits of RunningRunning For Health And Fitness

Improves cognitive function

Starting the day with a run will boost your mood and improve productivity. Aside from that, the increased cortisol levels will help retain the information in your memory faster and better. When done regularly, running makes the mind more sharp and improves cognitive function thus helping prevent dementia among the elderly.

Fights stress and boosts happiness.

Running also boosts the brain’s serotonin levels, dopamine levels, and endorphine levels. Raising serotonin level boosts your mood and overall sense of well-being. High dopamine level, on the other hand, contributes to feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. When you run and exercise, endorphine triggers a positive feeling in the body similar to the effect of a morphine that reduces the perception of pain.

Strengthens joints and muscles

Running engages the core muscles and stabilize the hips. It helps support balance, stability, stamina and improves posture. It also helps hone the calves, strengthen hamstrings, quads, inner thigh muscles, glutes and adductors.

Running also help the bone build more density which in turn builds stamina, speed and cardiovascular endurance. Almost all athletic sport involves running…from basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis etc. Therefore, the better athletes are at running, the more competent they are at their sport.

Promotes overall fitness

Regular running strengthens the immune system hence helping to ward off certain types of cancer. It also boosts the quality of life during cancer treatment.

Running promotes good blood circulation thereby keeping the blood pressure in check. It also helps decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves longevity.

Runners are so tired after a good run. This will induce them to sleep more soundly and thus feel more satisfied and stress-free.

Running is also very good for the skin as it boosts the production of natural oils for it to be more radiant and younger looking. Sweating also clears clogged pores thus preventing acne and pimples

Go Out and RunRunning Gear

Running is free. All you need is a sturdy pair of running shoes and exercise wear. Go outside and run or climb a mountain trail. Have fun!


  1. You have mentioned the benefits of running and I agree. However when I run, I develop hives on my legs and it gets really itchy. I just end up walking for about an hour and it still helps me. As I get older, I feel tired so easily and exercising gets to be the last thing I want to do. I should focus back on that to keep healthy.

    • admin

      Hi Leslie,
      I’m sorry to hear that you develop hives when you run and so you don’t benefit much from this form of exercise. But yes, you can do away with walking to keep healthy.

      Hives are triggered by certain factors like heat or cold, stress, sunlight, exercise, food, medications. They appear suddenly and go away in a matter of minutes or hours. You can seek medical care if it persists for days.


  2. It’s good to be here, I love the way you put your writing together and explain details what needed to be done before warm up and your advise to keep fit, good job from you and I will be visiting your site for more tips to keep fit. Thanks.

  3. Stephanie Tufts

    Great tips! I used to run when I was a young girl. I loved it, as I got older it was harder on my body and I stopped, I think perhaps I needed your tips on running right! Thanks for taking the time to right this,

    • admin

      Hello Stephanie,

      I don’t exactly know the reason why it is hard for you to run. But whatever your reason is, I encourage you to exercise, even 5-10 minutes a day of brisk walking in the park can benefit you just as well. You are going to be better off if you make the decision to start this routine.

      Thanks for sharing your comment.


  4. Hey,

    Great article. As a new year’s resolution I am still working on my fitness, and I want to go alcohol free for the year (still on top of that too).

    I love how you focus on running for fitness because in my opinion this is the best way to keep fit. You’re using almost every muscle in your body, like you do in swimming.

    Another reason I enjoy running is, as you have said, it can reduce stress and raise your happiness. Every time I complete a run or a work out, I feel like I have achieved something, which in turn makes me happier.

    Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • admin

      Hello Tom,

      It’s great that you are working on your fitness and choose running as one of your activities. Doing so will not only improve your overall health and wellness but makes you feel better on a daily basis too. There is a mood-elevating benefit that comes from being regular in this form of exercise.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. More power!


  5. Hi.
    I found a lot of helpful tips about running on this blog. Thank you for sharing these tips. I agree that running is one of the best exercises in terms of cost and effectiveness. Great to know that it is also beneficial for our brains.

    I loved and practiced the marathon for more than five years when I was younger. I participated in the half-marathon five times. I still remember the vivid feeling when I crossed the finish line. Setting up a new (my own) record gave me the feeling of accomplishment and inspiration for setting a new goal next time.

    I especially enjoyed distance running, and it was good for my health. By practicing for 3-4 months, I could lose about 10 pounds.

    You indicated there are three types of running. I think 10kph is a bit too fast as jogging to ordinary people like me. When I completed the half marathon, my average speed was around 10kph. For sure, I was not jogging at that time. I was running as fast as I could. 😊

    For the distance running, my advice/recommendation is that proper shoes are so critical. Without good ones, your knees can get hurt, and the damage will last for a long time.

    Oh, why don’t you write an article about the shoes for the long-distance running? Introducing the importance of the shoes and your insightful recommendation will benefit many people.

    Thank you for providing great tips. I will read more of your articles.
    Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Jason,

      Thank you for finding my post helpful.

      It’s nice to know you are an active runner. The number of people who have completed a half marathon is still small. Once you cross the finish line of a half marathon, you belong to an elite group of runners who call themselves Half Marathoner. Congrats on that feat!

      With regards to jogging speed, it depends on a person’s fitness level and perhaps even weight and height. 8kph to 10 kph is the ideal jogging speed as it can burn several hundred calories which is helpful in losing weight. Higher than 10kph technically shifts from a jog to a run.

      By the way, I appreciate your recommendation. I will write an article about it as soon as I can. Thank you for taking the time to write your comment. Have a great day!


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