Best Shapers For Women- Trim Your Figure Naturally

Woman In Little Black DressWomen naturally want to look their best not only when they are wearing their favorite 2-piece red bikini at the beach during summer but also when wearing their sexy little black dress. Yet getting rid of unwanted cellulite and side bulges seem a real struggle. In this article, I am going to walk you through the best shapers for women, to help trim figure naturally and achieve the hourglass shape without the aid of expensive surgical procedures.

Waist Shaper For Women – Get Rid Of Waist Fat

Waist shaping,also known as waist training, is the practice of using elastic shapewear called waist trainers designed to compress the midsection area of the body and stimulate thermal activity around the waist and belly. The heat intensifies sweating thus speeding up the fat burning process in those problem areas.

Shaping the waist is a gradual process. You have to wear waist trainer every day. The high compression can instantly reduce 3-5 inches off the waistline and the more you wear it the faster getting rid of waist fats.

The ideal waist size of each woman vary depending upon her height. Less than one half of the height is the ideal waist measurement. So, let’s say you are 5 feet and 6 inches tall, half of that is 33 inches. Your waist size must be lower than 33 inches in order to have curvy and sexy body. To achieve this, you need to use a waist trainer.

How Waist Trainers Work – Get The Hourglass Shape TodayHourglass Shape Figure

Waist trainers work by stimulating thermogenic effect around the midsection thereby locking in heat for enhanced sweating in the core. The heat expedite fat burning and the trainer shapes the curves while cellulite are being rid off through perspiration.

Give your body time to adapt to the trainer as it might be uncomfortable on your first use. It is recommended to wear for an hour each day and gradually increase the length of wear time day by day until you get accustomed to it. Start compression using the outermost level of hooks since that would be the most comfortable level then adjust the size as you trim down.

You can wear your waist trainer underneath your clothes and nobody would notice it’s there, whether you are using it while working in the office, doing some shopping or just hanging out with friends. Shaping up to achieve hourglass figure is also possible while doing errands around the house while wearing your shaper.

One might give up using waist trainer because of heat intolerance. If that’s the case, it is recommended wearing it every other day or twice a week if that’s more comfortable. Just don’t completely stop using the trainer as it will make the body revert back to the old figure.

Using waist trainer will not only help reduce belly and waist fats but also beneficial if you have spinal and back problems. It’s great support for improving posture and relieving back pain. It is also an excellent compression wrap for postpartum moms.

The compression on the abdomen makes you feel full thus encouraging you to eat less. This is beneficial to those who are dieting. But if you don’t want to deprive yourself of needed nutrients, it would be best to remove it while eating. But of course, eat in moderation.

Types of Waist Trainers

There are 2 types of waist trainer for women

  1. Corsets
  2. Cinchers

What are corsets

Just as braces reshape teeth, corsets help reshape the body and rectify posture over time. Corsets are designed to fit around the midsection of the body and have been in use since 1800s to make women’s waist appear smaller and achieve hourglass figure. These are made of strong materials since they need strength for squeezing the waist. Laces are used for closure so you can lace very tightly while reshaping.

Steel bones are utilized in making corsets to provide rigid structure for body compression and back support. Typically, the number of steel bones used in every corset vary in number from 9-26 depending upon the style. Because of this, corsets are strong yet flexible enough you can move about normally, but it’s not recommended to use during heavy workout. Besides, it would be difficult to take the corset off as you get your heart rate to a high level and you need to breathe.

Extreme corset training can become unhealthy because it has the capacity to shift bones and organs of the body. So the key to successful shaping is moderation. You can start wearing a corset 1 hour per day then gradually increase as you feel comfortable, for up to 8 hours maximum daily. Do not use it while sleeping as it can hinder your normal movement and breathing.

Corset training is ideal for women who are not fans of diet pills and cosmetic surgery. When done properly, it can help you to achieve your desired hourglass body shape.

What are cinchers

Cinchers are more flexible than corsets since the boning used are made of flexible plastics. They do not have the capacity to harm the bones and internal organs like corsets do.

They are designed to specifically target the abdomen area and provide slimming effect when worn. The sauna-like heat that it creates can help burn fats, hence trimming few inches off the waist and abdomen.

Cinchers come in a variety of style, color and coverage. They are usually made from a combination of spandex, latex and cotton with hook and eye closures.

This shaper can be worn during workout but it’s not recommended to do abs exercises, like crunches and sit ups, while wearing the cincher. This is to avoid bending the plastic bones, otherwise they might snap out and hurt you.

Waist trainer belts are the most popular choice among the waist cinchers since they can easily be wrapped around the body using Velcro closures, unlike the corset with lace and cincher with hook and eye. Trainer belts are therefore recommended for workouts. They increase perspiration and fat burning and they can easily be taken off once you feel uncomfortable. Ideal also to use when in yoga class, while working with weights, while running around or just doing most exercises.

Pros and Cons Of Waist Trainers


  1. Regular use firms and shapes the waistline and abs
  2. Creates instant hourglass figure when worn underneath clothes
  3. Provides excellent support for the back and spine, preventing slouch and improving posture
  4. Helps in post-partum recovery of the belly
  5. Can be worn everyday under clothes even while running errands
  6. Helps control food intake and craving
  7. Boosts self-confidence
  8. Flushes out toxins through increased sweating


  1. Can become uncomfortable on first use if worn too tight
  2. Steel and plastic bones can cut through skin or leave marks
  3. Odorous latex rubber
  4. Difficult to wear

Get Your Best Waist Shaper Now

Achieve the hourglass figure you’ve been dreaming of. You have a choice of which best waist shaper to use. Be it corset, cincher or trainer belt, go ahead and flaunt those daring and sensual curves!


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